Wisdom of Using Local Resources for Development of Sustainable Animal Production in Developing Countries

Animal Production Science (APS) Journal

Animal Production Science (APS) Journal has agreed to publish a special edition of SAADC2017 comprising selected keynote/ plenary papers and contributed research papers from SAADC2017. Any contributed papers (including keynote and plenary papers) will need to meet APS standards for publication (newness, relevance, soundness etc.)

Keynote Speaker

Prof. Hsia Liang Chou


Use of local resources on poultry housing, management and disease prevention

Prof. Peter Thomson


Robust Study Design for Animal Production in Developing Countries

Prof. Joachim Balcells


Methane losses from pre & post-gastric digestive compartment: A microbial overview

Prof. Luo Jun


Molecular regulation of fatty acid biosynthesis metabolism in mammary gland of dairy goats

Prof. Peter Wynne


Making money from milk on small-holder dairy farms in the tropics: an international perspective

Prof. Yasushi Sembokuya


Animal Insurance system in supporting sustainable animal production

Prof. Zulkifli Idrus


Towards a cost-effective feeding of broiler chickens

Prof. Chalermpon Yuangklang


Improving low quality feed resources as animal feed for sustainable animal production

Dr. Kiran Dande


Symbiotic Relationship and Sustainable Agriculture

Dr. Lin, Mei-Jen


Current Technology for Development of Sustainable Dairy Production

Dr. Simon Oosting


Interdependence between rural and peri-urban farming systems in beef and dairy value chains

Dr. Elizabeth Wina


The role of natural secondary compounds for sustainable animal production in developing countries

Dr. Ghulam Abbas


Mitochondrial Cytochrome-b, Cytochrome-c and D-loop region based phylogenetic and Diversity analysis in Blackbuck (Antilope Cervicapra)

Dr. Asif Nadeem


Exploration of genetic Potential of Pakistani Cattle for milk Producibilty

Programs Coverage

Animal Biotechnology

Animal Production

Animal Product Technology

Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology

Animal Genetics and Breeding

Socioeconomic and Animal Production System

Animal Reproduction


Who should attend the conference?

Stakeholders in animal agriculture production including scientists (researches), veterinarian, practitioners, decision and policy makers as well as farmers and industries are cordially invited to attend this conference.


Identity of Beneficiary Institution and Bank

Beneficiary Institution

Name                    : SAADC INDONESIA 2017
Address                : Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Univesity of Brawijaya. Jl. Veteran, Malang, 65145. Indonesia
Phone                   : +62 341 553513
City                       : Malang
Country               : Indonesia

Beneficiary Bank

Name                    : Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) Branch BRI Malang Soekarno Hatta
Account Number: 0579-01-000464-56-6
Swift Code            : SSXA649
City                        : Malang
Country                : Indonesia


Paper submission :

Paper submission starts from now on using online systems at http://psaadc17.ub.ac.id/index.php/2017/saadc17/.

Once a paper was submitted, it will be as soon as reviewed by senior experienced researchers. If it is necessary, especially for young authors who need help to improve the quality of his/her paper, a link between author and the co-operating senior experienced scientists with similar research interests will be established.



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