Mentoring younger scientists to publish their SAADC2017 presentations in international journals.

Below are the senior researchers from whom young researchers can request help to edit and improve their manuscripts submitted to SAADC2017 for submission to appropriate international journals. For more information please contact JB Liang at

Name Disciplines Email address
Dr. Peter Daniels (Australia) Animal health
Dr. Vincenzo Tufarelli (Italy) Nutrition and feeding
Dr. Norhani Abdullah (Malaysia) Rumen microbiology
Prof. Ermias Kebreab (USA) Integrated biology (modeling)
Dr. Awis Qurni Sazili (Malaysia) Meat science, Halal slaughter
Prof. Jothi Malar Panandam (Malaysia) Breeding and genetics
Prof. Peter Wynn  (Australia) Dairy nutrition and management
Prof. Joaquim Balcells Teres (Spain) Nutrition
Dr. Juan Boo Liang (Malaysia) Nutrition and feeding
Dr. Hassan Mahmood Warriach (Pakistan) Animal reproduction
Prof. Robyn Alders  (Australia) Food and nutritional security; village chickens production; Gender equality