All participants intending to present scientific papers (oral or poster) at the Conference must submit an Extended Abstract of no more than 3 pages (inclusive of tables and figures). Keynote addresses, plenary and lead papers (only by invitations) should not be more than 6,000 words plus 5-6 display items (figures and tables).

All Extended Abstracts must be prepared in digital format using Microsoft Word following the standard “Format for Extended Abstracts” provided by the organizer. Extended Abstracts and invited papers must be submitted according to the instruction specified by the organizing committee at

Animal Production Science (APS) Journal has agreed to publish a special edition of SAADC2017 comprising selected keynote/ plenary papers and contributed research papers from SAADC2017. Any contributed papers (including keynote and plenary papers) will need to meet APS standards for publication (newness, relevance, soundness etc.).

The Organizing committee has established a small group of senior academics and scientists to serve as SAADC in-house editorial committee (mentors) to assist younger scientists and graduate students, particularly from the developing countries, who wish to expand their Extended Abstracts into a full research or a short communication manuscript for submission to the APS special issue.

Authors who wish to do this, in addition to submitting their 3-page Extended Abstract must also submit a full research paper of 5,000 to 7,000 words inclusive of tables and figures (before 1st April 2017).

Your submitted research paper for the APS special issue will first be assessed by the SAADC in-house editorial committee. If your paper is selected based on scientific merit, then the paper will be assigned to SAADC in-house editor (within two weeks after submission) who will communicate with you directly to work on your manuscript for submission to the APS special issue.

Some important deadlines for the APS special issue are as below:

Steps Deadline
Submission of papers to SAADC In-house Editorial Committee : 1 May 2017
Acceptance/rejection by SAADC in-house editor : 15 May 2017
Assigning in-house editors to authors of accepted papers for improvement : 15 May 2017
Submission of papers to APS : 1 August 2017
Tentative publishing date of SAADC2017 papers in the APS special issue : 1 February 2018

Submit your 3-page Extended Abstract on-line according to the instruction of the organizing committee at Your full research manuscript intended for publication in journal must also be submitted as an attached file to JB Liang at

Article is an extended abstract of three pages (maximum), which is basically composed of:

·        Abstract (title, author’s name, institution, and email address, body of

          abstract not more than 250 words, and 5 keywords)

·        Introduction

·        Methodology

·        Results and Discussion

·        Conclusion

·        References

Or accordingly, in a case of paper is in the form of literature review.

Written in English using MS Word, Times New Roman of 12 font size characters, and three pages maximum of A4 paper size, single space including tables/figures, 2,54 cm of all side margin, single space.

Paper Submission via online systems could be performed after participant doing online registration at and getting username and password for login.